A Great New Year

Yeah, this is a little behind. I have no excuse.

Before I begin writing down my New Year’s resolutions in the next blog, I feel I should make my peace with 2013, say good-bye and send it on its way.  2013 – these are the things I would like to say to you:

You were pretty awesome… most of the time.  Most of the time I loved you, thought you were the best and one of my favorite…well almost, cause no year is ever going to be able to compete with ’88 and ’89, the year my children were born.  Then there was the year I got married. That was pretty awesome too but it didn’t work out so, that one kind of turned into a bust.

Anyway, like any relationship, we had some really great times as well as some pretty horrible times.  Summer was great! I hiked and explored, finally met some great friends, and worked hard to accomplish goals.  In fact, I have never worked so hard, been so stressed, grown so much, learned so much, been more frustrated, felt more despair, exhilaration, happiness, fulfillment, and laughed more than this year.

So with that being said; IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO GO.  You have been exhausting. I appreciate all that you have done and all that you have prepared me for in order to meet 2013.  Thank you.  Really. But seriously, I’m worn out. You’ve got to go.

And now 2014, I welcome you with eager anticipation.  Although 2013 set the groundwork for accomplishing my goals, it just wasn’t able to get me there.  2014 – I put all my hope, faith and deepest desire that with continued work, you will see me fulfill those goals and bring the desired financial as well as personal rewards.

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” -Edith Lovejoy Pierce


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