Creating Is Spiritual

Watercolor panMy mom paints. She has a picture of a cat she painted hanging in her family room. It’s not just a picture of a cat though. The viewer is standing outside watching the cat through the latticed window as it peers out towards him or her. The outside wall in which the window is framed into is stone with varying tones of colors and shapes. This picture fills up the entire 11 X 14 paper.

I look at that painting and marvel at how perfectly the individual chosen colors come together, at how the individual brush strokes create the curves, the lines and detail until a picture of a cat peering out into the day is formed.

I marvel that human beings, so like other animals, so base, so stymied by their earthly condition can find within themselves the ability to think so far beyond and above their basic needs that they pick up a piece of wood, add some fibers to it, refine it, then dip it in colored additives created by things they found within and upon the earth, then brush those colors around on a canvas in such a specific way that it creates jaw dropping, awe inspiring works of art.

What drives us to do that? Because it is a drive: a drive so unrelenting that we feel incomplete, unfulfilled unless we obey it. Where does that silent, demanding drive, which seems so beyond the human capacity, come from?

I look at Apes, chimpanzees, etc. To me, that is as far as an animal can and should be able to go when relying on its own self. We, as natural man, should be as simple as the Ape.   Yet we are not and I don’t believe it has anything to do with us. Because our species like any other species is solid, pre-formed and organized into a very specific manner. That thing which lifts us beyond our limited intelligence has to be something outside of ourselves.

Do you ever have those moments when you marvel that you are able to accomplish something you really believe, as a simple being, you shouldn’t be able to do, yet here you are doing it?

Creating is rising higher, …No…. Creating is ‘being’ lifted higher. Creating is a gift. It is not something we are able to give ourselves. It is a gift of unspoken knowledge that there is a higher plane of fulfillment, completion…spiritual.   There is just no other way to explain it. Creating is spiritual.

Turning on the light