Singing In The Toilet Stall

man peeking over toilet stall

Do you remember singing in the bathroom as a small child? I’m not sure I do. I probably did.

I don’t know if boys do, my younger brother never did, and I don’t follow small boys into the men’s room to find out.

But little girls do. When the world is right, mom is near by and they are pretty darn sure the world is there’s to command, happy little girls sing in the toilet stall. And it’s sweet, innocent, wholly free and wonderful.

I was at church the other day when an under 6 year old came in with her mother and sisters. She began singing, completely oblivious that there may be anyone else on the other side of her stall to overhear her.

Her carefree attitude, I must admit, was a little contagious. I found myself wanting to sing too.

Did I? No, of course not. A grown woman singing in the toilet stall is just weird. Pretty sure everyone would have ran out of there and some over zealous mother would have called security.  “Ma’am,” the security officer would demand as he rapped on my stall door. “There’s been a report that there is drug activity in here. We’d like you to step out of the stall without flushing.”

So although I didn’t join in, I did let that little girl’s enthusiasm and joy spread onto me. In my head, I began singing my own song. I let go of the worries, the disappointments, the looming bills, and just sang a little song in my head. Then I skipped out and down the hall to class just like that little girl.

No, of course I didn’t. But in my head I did. Do you know how much fun skipping is? Have you ever tried to skip without it making you smile?

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the growth and independence becoming a mature being affords me, however I often miss the things we let go of in order to become that mature adult.

For starters, I miss that lack of self-consciousness, the lack of concern of how one appears skipping down the hallway. Yet, transitioning into adulthood we have to give that up, to some extent, because our larger world outside of our safe little home we stepped away from, requires that we learn to work with others, to compromise, to be mindful of other’s feelings and concerns. Skipping down the hallway, at my age, singing in a public bathroom stall are pretty iffy.

By the way, I applaud all moms who have little girls who sing in the toilet stall. I applaud them because in my mind, little girls like that are happy, content little girls. Their world is a reliable, safe place. Good job mom!